• Expert knowledge of user-centered interface design processes, methodology and UI best practices
  • Passion for current and emerging front-end technologies; trends; and best practices.
  • Ability to design interface solutions across a range of devices: desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, wear devices, Android Auto, 3D, Retail, and others.
  • Understanding knowledge of interaction design patterns and technology trends to include developing mobile and the web-based platforms for the Google play market and iOS market.
  • Ability to communicate well with multiple teams such as software development teams, marketing, and management.
  • Strong design skill-set that takes a feature from conception to polished final product.
  • Creative thinker with original solutions for usability and interaction designs; ability to create fast mock- ups for intuitive experiences.
  • Skilled in Designer and Web Development Programs to include Azure; Adobe XD; Sketch; Invision; Photoshop; Illustrator; Dreamweaver; Flash; Adobe Premier; Profit Maker; and After Effects.
  • Ability to create attractive and dynamic websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Such as this site.

Apple | Santa Clara - Senior UI Designer/ UX Designer

December 2017 - Present
  • Fast turn around mockups for multiple projects such as internal data heavy tools.
  • Creating scalable web pages for Mac and phone for users to gather information quickly and effectively.
  • Complete rework of existing GBI tools, and other tools from the ground up to help users solve issues faster.
  • Created stories, personas, and UX/UI for entire automated messaging system teams, so they can quickly fix issues and see data in live time.
  • Front end development for creating own websites that work on mobile and desktop.
  • Constructed UX/UI using Sketch, Invision, and Adobe Cloud for entire mobile app used by pubic fac- ing users for Apple.
  • Advanced Practice of Iconography, Color theory, User click theories, and User guidance to make sure users understand complex data tables, graphs, and other matters.
  • Consultant for expert Tableau Users, making their graphs and data clear and organic to understand.
  • Constructed Ux Researching plans to better understand what users need in tools to show to Manage- ment.

Facebook Oculus | San Francisco - UX/UI Designer

July 2016 - July 2017
  • Designed and tested web design for Oculus Medium VR Application website.
  • Augmented Reality knowledge; Helped with development with AR technologies and 3D models for AR for Facebook internal.
  • Help flush out user stories and objectives for professional Artists.
  • Advanced knowledge of 3D modeling integration for web pages using Agile, React VR, and Three.js.
  • Helped design Oculus Medium through creative analyst and data gathering.
  • Constructed and ran test plans to test all aspects of VR applications including making manual tests suites with over 1000 tests and integration for automating.
  • Helped team print precise 3d Models, with color, by well-known artists from around the world.

Google | Mountain View - UX Designer/UI Development

November 2014 - March 2016
  • Developed and implemented best practices, reference implementations, automation, and testing for application security for the Android market.
  • Used Android SDK to test and other functions to mobile apps.
  • Lead UX/UI design and development for in-house Google chrome extension “Easy Annotate” using Html, CSS, JavaScript, Agile, and jQuery.
  • Lead for project based brainstorming sessions addressing the workflow of mobile apps using scripts and interview based tests to solve Gamble apps issue.
  • Team lead for coordinating team-building events including scheduling, budgeting, and presenting to clients.
  • Produce and edited flowcharts for business presentations.
  • Solved UI cases for well-known partners of Google for Google Play store

Apple | Cupertino - UX Designer for 2D and 3D

January 2014 - October 2014
  • Development of Apple's dedicated 3D program by solving UX/UI problems.
  • Used an early version of SWIFT for UI development in 3D maps.
  • Testing and coding for Python scripting development process.
  • Certified in Apple’s proprietary 3D modeling program specializing in international landmarks.
  • Helped train algorithms for automated test frameworks; identify defects in Python code. | Milpitas/Mumbai - Lead UX/UI

April 2012 - December 2013
  • Leadership role included collaborating with teams in India and USA: help establish the corporate brand and the overall feel of the website to ensure that the best experience for the user was met in different demographic locations.
  • Created sitemap, Agile environment, wire-framing, UI designer, and logic flows using Java, HTML, and CSS. Coding for video watching based website.
  • Programing used included Photoshop; Dreamweaver; and Azure.


  • Graduated 2011 San Jose State University, San Jose - BA Design Studied design and 3D rendering. Minor in photography.
  • Graduated 2012 San Francisco State University, San Francisco - Certificate in 3D Digital Animation Studied 3d design and 3d texture and render techniques.
  • Graduated 2014 Codecademy, Remote - Certificate in HTML, CSS, Javascript Took online courses to learn languages to full extent.


  • Featured for 2D design on Samuel Jackson’s replica DVD (San Jose Gallery 2011)
  • Four photos selected for SJSU “Photos of the Year Gallery”
  • Five-time winner of Photoshop contest on
  • Poster Art selected for Exhibition at Las Positas College Gallery and the Bankhead Theater in Liver- more, CA
  • Winner of district-wide writing contest where a picture was selected for the Millennium Livermore Time Capsule (2000).
  • Letter of recommendation for excellence from Google.
  • Letter of recommendation for excellence from Appple.