Cutting edge of design at the time

Oculus Medium at the time was at the cutting edge of technology. It was a great experience to pave new ground in an area that doesn't have any thoughts about what is the right way to do it. VR is an excellent place for new design issues.

Design in VR

Mostly built in Python, the UX/UI was breaking new ground at the time, and has even sparked a lot of copycats. The main point of Medium was to build share and also print out 3D models. Making a new UI like this took a team of 6 and two years of Dev. Check out the video to see how the UI works in the app.

What my part was very hands-on in many different ways. I built to code in python for 3D printing issues. Did a lot of research on how people can use VR for a long time without getting sick or dizzy. Rebuilding the UX that was extremely difficult to understand, the UI is complicated, there are over 430 actions you can take, and to make that easy to follow was a considerable challenge. Also did QA to make sure this all worked. Also worked with people from Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon, and other artist groups to get critical feedback.

Design in Ar

OOculus Medium was a for the front of the Oculus Rift when it came out. They wanted to show how much you can blend VR and AR. Using Zed cameras and Giant room covered in cameras I helped build a place that famous 3D artists can show their talent of in AR. This was always used live in Oculus Medium show of booths. My central part was building the rigs to handle this significant processing toll. Also helped with a new UI of spacial issues like making the users have their silly monkey in front of them or around them during a live session.

Design in 2D for Vr

A massive project in Medium was building a website that allows people to share their 3d models easily. Within a few mins, you can get a model from your friend. This had a lot of issues of how do you show 3d in 2d fast and easy. I helped build the website with two backends with UI design.

Models made in Medium

Here is the group of 3d models I made during the time working there. I only used Medium, so they have a certain look to them.