UX/UI for Petabytes of data

The Issues for design for Apple is that there is so much information that needs to be understood. A lot of charts and graphs are automated, but they still don't make any sense due to issues of not understanding. My job was to make this information easy to understand and easy to find.

Data Broswer Rework

Data Browser in an inside tool that lets the user find information by tags given to the reporting system. The original version was extremely complicated, so this is the version that allows users to click through information easier and understand how information is linked.

Mobile Apps

Tableau is a program that allows you to make sense of an insane amount of information in live time. I would help users create their graphics better so That when they showed it in meetings, it would be easier to understand.

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Apple GBI started as a bunch of tools that did not go together. They later put all these tools together into a suite, like Adobe. I changed all the icons to make them feel like they belonged together and also felt like they still belonged to Apple.

Making Websites for Users

I made a couple of websites to make sure people knew that users could get help for experts for analytical data issues. Apple main focus in the future is to help people with consumer products instead of devices. This was one of the ways to show these new ideas.

Official Graphics for Apple

My UI skills did not always follow just the web. emails, Icons, Posters, and other projects needed my help to make graphics for explaining.

Audit Rebuild

My Main Focus was to rebuild a tool named Audit. This tool is for reporting, Data gathering and a bunch of other stuff. They had an old style system that was very hard to find what you wanted, so I rebuilt the entire UX to be about a search bar and results that people are looking for. Below is a workflow.