Meeting a new user

During my UX research, it is tough to make a user not look at their screen. The Design of Android Auto is to be looked at for about three seconds, any more and it starts to take a lot of issues with driver safety.

Touch and Voice only

The Android Auto came out at a time where Google home or other voice devices were no commonplace yet in the persona of a user. Even using the touch screens were somewhat clunky at first. It took a lot of redesigns to get the look and feel needed.

My Main focus on the project

My principal goal on this project after settling issues with UX/UI was helping the developers make Android auto apps. What's the point if there are no apps? Facebook, Google messenger, Spotify, and Bugs (tremendous Korean app) I worked with the developers to make sure their apps worked correctly. Almost all the apps on the play store for Android auto I had some part of helping design integration into it

Components reworked on

Here is a show of UI I reworked on during the project. It had issues with Icons not being big enough and other matters. One of the Main Issue was the user is continuously bumping around in the car when driving, so you have to make the UI easy enough to poke when your fingers are moving.